Probate & Trust Administration

The attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. gently but efficiently administer a decedent's succession plan. Exercising compassion and strength, we assist the family in collecting the decedent’s assets; paying the decedent’s debts, administration expenses, and taxes; preparing and filing any necessary tax returns; and distributing the decedent’s assets in accordance with the will or trust to the designated beneficiaries. We also counsel the executors and trustees in their responsibilities as administrators of the decedent’s estate. We prepare and file tax returns including any required fiduciary income tax returns. We guide the executor or trustee through the necessary steps to effectuate the decedent’s estate plan and maximize distributions to the beneficiaries.

When a decedent’s will or trust is contested, the attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. attempt to resolve the issues through family settlements, mediation, arbitration, or if necessary, through probate court litigation. In court, we aggressively represent our client's claims, including those of fraud or undue influence.

Our attorneys are also experienced at guardianships, both contested and uncontested.  While effective estate planning ideally takes the place of having a guardian appointed for a disabled individual, sometimes a guardianship is necessary. Likewise, sometimes defending against a family member's attempts to have a parent adjudged a disabled person are also necessary.  The attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. have the experience necessary to ensure the individuals wishes are represented.