Litigation & Financial Institution Representation

The attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. have tackled a wide variety of business-related issues, including contract disputes, loan document litigation, competition clause violations, and partner and shareholder disputes. In representing plaintiffs, we aggressively pursue their cause until our client receives financial recovery or other relief. When representing defendants, we meticulously dissect the claim and pursue all those who might be required to contribute to any liability. From temporary restraining orders and injunctions to foreclosures and employment law trials, our Commercial Trial Group has earned Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. national respect through its aggressive attention to detail.

The attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. provide sound legal, practical, yet economical, advice to our clients regarding the defense of claims brought against financial institutions for lender liability, breach of the implied duty of good faith, fraudulent conveyances, forgeries, unauthorized signatures, identity thefts, deposit of stolen items, and breach of warranties. The aggressive strategies we use in defending claims, defeat defenses and claims raised against our clients in their entirety, or force defendants and claimants to seek realistic resolutions yielding speedy recoveries for our clients.

In representing mortgagee-lenders, our attorneys have gained extensive experience in mortgage foreclosure litigation involving commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We understand receiverships, mortgagees in possession, reinstatement, redemption, judicial sales, and the various available defenses. Mortgage foreclosures often involve mechanics liens, construction, and bankruptcy law-all areas in which our attorneys actively practice. We represent many financial institutions, purchasers and assignees of loans or loan portfolios, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), in these matters.

In addition, the attorneys of Kelly, Olson, Michod, DeHaan & Richter, L.L.C. routinely counsel business entities, financial institutions, and individuals in enforcing their rights as creditors. We assist our clients in enforcing liens, mortgages, and other security interests, and in debt collection matters. Our attorneys are versed in obtaining, enforcing, and collecting judgments through supplementary proceedings: citations to discover assets, garnishments, and repossession or replevin of personal property. We also help our clients to file and pursue claims against debtors in bankruptcy. Taking an aggressive yet practical approach, we represent our creditor clients efficiently and economically.